Ways Your Mother Lied to You about Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation is Too Costly or Messy

Remember all the times you needed to clean out the sink manually after washing dishes to make sure you wouldn’t get a clogged drain? Or remember all those times you got a clogged drain because you didn’t clean out the sink after washing dishes? You could have avoided them with a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal cuts out the middleman between washing dishes and throwing away the larger chunks of leftover food. Sure, I’m sure you were told it was too pricey to have others do it or too messy to do it yourself. However, many stores offer a “garbage disposal and professional installation” package, which lowers cost. And there are plenty of how-to articles and videos which simplify the process.

Garbage Disposal Installation and You

Of course, all this talk of garbage disposal is all hypothetical in that it assumes you find the process of tossing extra food gunk in the trashcan before/after washing dishes to be a chore. If you do not mind doing as such, maybe a garbage disposal isn’t for you. However, the option is always there, should you come to the Dark Garbage Disposal Side.