The Key Reasons Why Plumbers Are So Expensive

It’s a common trend that homeowners will try to do everything they can to fix a leaky faucet, overflowing toilet, or other broken plumbing appliance before calling an actual plumber.

You might think it’d be easier to simply call a professional to take care of these problems, but many people are afraid of getting stuck with the large fee that comes with a plumber. It’s common knowledge that plumbers are notoriously expensive, but not everyone knows why this service costs so much.

With a better understanding, people will appreciate why calling the plumber is actually the best thing a homeowner can do when a real problem arises.

The Service They Provide

Think about it—when you need a plumber, the problem usually can’t wait. Whether it’s the toilet, the shower, the sink, or all three, you need these problems fixed as soon as possible, which is why you’ll need a professional to help get your house back in working order.

Due to the factors of their job, plumbers have to be ready to come out at any time throughout the day, whether it is early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or on the weekends. Although it may seem a little unfair to charge more for a desperate situation, it’s just a simple case of economics—supply and demand.

why are plumbers so expensive

Plumbers are often always called on the weekends as well. Usually, people can’t be home to meet the plumber during the week, no matter how desperate their problem. Due to this, they call the plumber to come out on the weekends, and since the weekend is recognized as free time (and plumbers get paid more when they’re called to work during free time!), the visit is almost always more expensive.

Plumbers have to be ready to come out at any time throughout the day

Another factor that adds to the cost are the materials that go into a simple plumbing job. Most people can unclog a drain themselves, so the problems plumbers get called for often involve repairs and other restorative services. The parts that are needed to complete the average plumbing job don’t come cheap, and the cost of these things are often added to your overall bill.

Finally, plumbers must have a wide breadth of experience. They need to understand how to fix everything from the shower and toilet to the sink and water heater to keep your home in working order, and the knowledge of these things isn’t always interchangeable. What may work for the toilet won’t work for the sink, and so on. Due to this, plumbers come with invaluable knowledge that will not only fix the problem, but fix it well—meaning you actually spend less money over time.

Plumbers must have a wide breadth of experience

You truly can’t find someone to provide all of these services anywhere else. You could pay less money for a less competent plumber, but this is simply putting a Band-Aid on the problem for a short amount of time.

If you want a plumber that really knows what they’re doing, paying a little more is really going to be worth it. A great way to make sure that a plumber visit doesn’t break the bank is to put an emergency fund aside that gives you a little cushion when things like a broken toilet, a clogged showerhead, or worse come up.

The bottom line is that when plumbing emergencies come up, it’s in your best interest to call the professionals to handle them. Trying to fix these things yourself without the proper skills or opting for less experienced plumbers to come out and try their hand at the problem can only make things worse and cause you more money in the long run. While plumbers can be rather expensive, they really do provide a service that is completely necessary.

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