Smelly Garbage Disposal

Smelly Garbage Disposal: The Mysterious Odor

You enter your kitchen and can’t help but be assaulted by a peculiar, foul scent emanating from an unknown source. Aghast, you check the usual suspects. You make your way to the kitchen’s trash can. You find it empty and odorless. You open up the refrigerator in search of any food that has outstayed its welcome. No, everything is still fresh. Just then, you decide to close your eyes and follow your nose. The result: it was the garbage disposal all along who was smelly. Though theoretically self-cleaning debris and sludge can in fact buildup on the sides of garbage disposals, and food particles can stick to grinders. Upon this occurring, you know it’s time to clean it manually, less you be assaulted by foul odors any further.

Smelly Garbage Disposal: Eliminating the Smell

So there are a variety of steps you can take to clean the garbage disposal and be on your way to a cleaner smelling kitchen. One step involves you putting a stopper in the sink and letting the sink fill with hot water. Afterward, add some dish soap. The mixture is now ready to go through the garbage disposal, so turn it on and unplug the sink. This method works better than merely turning on the tap water because the disposal will truly fill up with water. Another step involves throwing in some ice cubes and a handful of kosher salt into the disposal. The ice will get rid of food on the grinder and the salt will scrub the sides of the disposal. Grinding up a few lemon peels will also help with freshness.

Smelly Garbage Disposal: Maintenance

Of course, disposals likely get like this because they need regular maintenance. A common issue is turning off the disposal too soon. Debris will get left behind. Therefore, let the faucet run, turn on the disposal, and do not turn anything off until approximately five seconds after it sounds like the disposal job is done. If all else fails, you can always call a Dana Point plumber.