Pressure Decay Leak Testing

What is Pressure Decay Leak Testing?

In simple terms, Pressure Decay Leak testing is a way to test for leaks in plumbing using air pressure. It is able to diagnose whether or not there are leaks and to what degree they are happening. Using this technology, Jeff Shaffer Plumbing is able to quickly find the problem and administer a solution.

How does it work?

Pressure Decay Leak Testing works by measuring the change in pressure by analyzing the selected test sample up. The component is pressurized with air and the pressure transducer checks the pressure for negative changes. If there is any drop in pressure that means that there is a leak, or in some cases, multiple leaks. This type of leak testing works best for components with small volumes.

Why is it helpful?

Pressure Decay Leak Testing is very efficient and cost effective. The test can be administered in a matter of seconds and results are able to be read just as quickly. After the entire minute long process is over, Jeff Shaffer Plumbing is able to figure out what the next best step towards a solution should be.

Jeff Shaffer Plumbing uses upstanding professionals to diagnose your leakage problems and fix them in the best possible way. We value open communication and are sure to explain to you what we are doing in each step of the process. Along with Pressure Decay Leak Testing, we are a Dana Point Plumber that specializes in many other areas of plumbing. Whatever your needs may be, we are sure to be able to service you. From bathroom and kitchen remodeling to drain stoppage and gas line repair, we provide quality services at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first.


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