Leaking Water Heater

Have a leaking water heater, but you’re scared to burn yourself to death? (as you should be!) No worries! Here is a step –by – step guide to show you what you want to do about that pesky leaking water heater!

The Solution to a Leaking Water Heater: A Step-by-Step Guide

Inspect Your Water Heater

  • Find out if your water heater is leaking by checking the base of the heater. If there is a pool of water, or streams of water dripping from the hot tank, then yes your water heater is leaking! Determine whether your heater is spraying, flooding, or dripping. If it is spraying, it most likely has something to do with the water pressure. If it is flooding, be sure to check around the area to make sure that the heater hasn’t leaked into other places in the house. (*BE CAREFUL: The water is likely to be scolding hot!)

Turn off your water supply

  • Upon discovering that your water heater is spraying or flooding, turn off the water supply immediately.

Determine the Problem

  • Chances are, there is a reason why your water heater is leaking. Check to see where the leaks are coming from. If it is coming from a fitting or pipe, then chances are one of those things needs to be replaced. If your heater is older, there is a chance that your hot water tank has become corroded. If this is the case, call a plumber because a professional should replace your hot water heater.

If ever you are feeling unsure about how to perform one of the steps, call a plumber. Calling a plumber in times of uncertainty can eliminate the chance of causing greater damage to your water heater! Jeff Shaffer Plumbing has professionals that are committed to excellent plumbing and exceptional customer service.