Leak Detection

Water Leaks

Water leaks come from either your clean, pressurized water or your waste water in your drains.

If you have a leak in your copper/PEX pipes, you may hear a hissing sound in the wall or you will see water seeping out of the ground.

  1. Shut off the water at the main located usually in front of the house.
  2. Open up a faucet to relieve pressure.
  3. Call us.

If your water continues to run, call your local water district to shut off your water meter.

Leaks from drains pipes are harder to find. They only occur while the water is running and usually come from cracked cast iron pipes

Leak Detection

If you have a leak, we have the tools to find it! We are equipped with top of the line electronic instruments such as Goldak and Ridgid to locate leaks in both copper water lines and drain pipes.

We can determine which of your copper lines is leaking and eliminate the source of the leak as well as repair visible leaking pipes above ground.

If you suspect that you have a leaking or cracked drain, we can investigate the issue with our camera and make a copy of the recording. If a drain repair is in order, we will provide you with options and estimates.

Client Testimonials

I Would Highly Recommend


I had my tank less hot water heater evaluated within a day because it was an emergency. Not only did this company beat the price of the prior plumber, the two guys who worked on the unit, Jeff and Ty were very kind and stayed through their lunch break to get our hot and cold water back on for the residents staying in my facility. I would highly recommend.

Wonderful Experience


Wonderful experience with their service. Jeff and Ty were extremely knowledgeable and super nice. I definitely will recommend to my friends and family

Way to go!


Oh My Gosh!! I didn’t think that this kind of service still existed! I called Jeff at 11am and explained my problem.  I sent him photos, he gave me a price and scheduled to come out at 2pm.  He was on time and fixed my seized faucet cartridge in 15 minutes.  I had a plumber out earlier in the day that gave me a quote for $550!!
Jeff completed the job and it was $275.
Way to go!! I will call you again!

Pleasant and Professional


After spending weeks waiting for “some other plumber” we decided to call Shaffer plumber.  They kindly fit us in.  Tyree aka “Ty” arrived on time to fix a little unique issue.  Ty fixed the issue quickly and was pleasant and professional.  We now know not to call some other guy, but call “the guy.”  Thanks for everything.

Give Jeff a call


We called Jeff with for a leak in our Ceiling.  He came on time to our appointment and diagnosed the problem immediately.
Jeff was very professional and also snaked out our drains.
We are very pleased with Jeff Shaffer and his company.  If you need a reliable plumber give Jeff a call.