Laguna Hills

Family. It’s a word we hear of often, and usually when we think of such a term, we picture an image that contains parental figures with a couple of children smiling in front of them.

However, the one thing we seem to never address in this “picture” is where this unit of people is located. When I say “family”, most people would not set the scene at the beach, hiking in the woods, or even at Disneyland, but rather in front of a house. A home is just as important to the family as a brother or mom because it offers the same nurturing comfort we often seek when it comes to family. After a hard day, the only thing we want to do is go home knowing we will be safe and happy within its walls.

But what if the home, itself, is having a rough day? If the pipes are leaky and the master bathtub won’t drain, where can it run to for comfort and healing? Unfortunately, buildings can’t run too easily to get help, so therefore, the help runs towards it. At Jeff Shaffer Plumbing, we are the experts when it comes to making the home, and the family who lives within, feel better.

Our Legacy and Commitment

The phrase “family business” means more than just a company classification to us because it also expresses the manner in which we treat our customers. Our clients are kinfolk to us, so we strive to go above and beyond our call to fix home malfunctions and aim to improve your day in general through unbeatable prices and incomparable service.

We first began our plumbing facility as a family ran business, but today, over 20 years later, our “family” has massively expanded thanks to the loyalty and constant support of our valued customers. We expand our family by reaching out to our valued clienteles through a friendly, respectful, and loving relationship when it comes to plumbing maintenance. Though we are so blessed to be growing in our business, we are still adamant to cling to those personal values from which we came.

Our Location

Through our company’s growth, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to reach out to new communities, and the newest member to the Jeff Shaffer Plumbing family is Laguna Hills.

This beachside city is home to some of the most beautiful ocean views, finest schools, and friendly people we have ever seen and it’s all thanks to the honest and outgoing integrity of its residence. Here, family and community matter. Just by walking through the streets, anyone can witness the companionship the city expresses for one another; the streets are exquisitely constructed and clean, the community centers are always in use, and people smile as you stroll on by. The hard work of its residence pays off and is shown through the tenacious and loving spirit of the people. It’s simply a great place to be.

Hard work has always been in Laguna Hill’s legacy as the working hands that founded the land define the city’s history. The first residence on the terrain were the Native American of two distinct tribes, the Tongva and the Acjachmen, whose presence on the plot were felt for thousands of years. They initiated the great success of Laguna Hills by harvesting the land and employing its riches through sea trade. The next hands that gained the property was Mexico, who won its independence from Spain in 1821 and used the acreage to raise cattle based off of a major land grant during the rancho era. The property changed ownership quite a few times during the next hundred and fifty years, growing in size with each landlord, until the land was eventually subdivided into what is now Southern Orange County; one of those divisions being Laguna Hills, which was officially incorporated into the county by 1991.

This city is clearly built by strong workers with a constant drive for communal improvement, and those efforts are still prominent today in Laguna Hills. However, its residents also know how to have fun, and when we are not in the office or out on a call, we love to enjoy the many festivities this area has to offer. The beach, or course, is the next-door neighbor to Laguna Hills, which means all the excitement of the water is at our fingertips! California’s coastline is home to the most beautiful beaches and stellar surf in the nation so anyone can enjoy Mother Nature’s divine spirit whether it’s by a walk on the sand or a weeklong surfing tournament and bonfire adventure. Not to mention, we love the many other beachside activities like wine cruises, deep sea sports fishing, whale watching, and Catalina Island is just a 40-minute boat ride away!

When the ocean isn’t calling our name, we get to enjoy the other recreation the city has to offer like the Flight Deck air combat center where we can experience the full power of a jet engine through a simulated flight. Countless historical recreation centers are nearby like Irvine Park, where we can ride a steam engine train or rent a paddleboat on the lake, and countless amusement parks, like Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm, are just a short drive away thanks to the many interconnecting highways that make traveling so convenient.

Our Services

With so much fun to explore, it’s hard to see why anyone would ever want to be at work in Laguna Hills, but the steadfast and friendly faces of the community make it easy to come to the office and do our job well with an open heart. We live to serve our clients who maintain the values of such a strong society, and we are happy to help in any way whether that is something as simple as unclogging a drain or vast as fixing a slab leak. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Connect With Us

We are happiest when we are at home, and our house is happiest when its family is satisfied and safe within its walls. However, even the best home needs a check up every once in a while, so if you are in need of some home maintenance, contact us for any assistance with house repairs. For immediate action or questions, feel free to call Jeff Shaffer Plumbing at (949) 361-2688 or email us at shafferplumbing@gmail.com to make an appointment. We provide 24-hour emergency service because we want you to be satisfied with your home every moment of each day! Pick Jeff Shaffer today as your #1 Laguna Hills Plumber. We look forward to meeting you!

Client Testimonials

Give Jeff a call


We called Jeff with for a leak in our Ceiling.  He came on time to our appointment and diagnosed the problem immediately.
Jeff was very professional and also snaked out our drains.
We are very pleased with Jeff Shaffer and his company.  If you need a reliable plumber give Jeff a call.

Wonderful Experience


Wonderful experience with their service. Jeff and Ty were extremely knowledgeable and super nice. I definitely will recommend to my friends and family

Way to go!


Oh My Gosh!! I didn’t think that this kind of service still existed! I called Jeff at 11am and explained my problem.  I sent him photos, he gave me a price and scheduled to come out at 2pm.  He was on time and fixed my seized faucet cartridge in 15 minutes.  I had a plumber out earlier in the day that gave me a quote for $550!!
Jeff completed the job and it was $275.
Way to go!! I will call you again!

I'll give them a call again

5/5 Stars


Called and scheduled my appointment easily and Ty showed up on time, explained the process, time frame and cost involved. He worked diligently and completed the task as agreed. Cleaned up w/ out asking and was knowledgeable and professional. I’ll give them a call again.

I Would Highly Recommend


I had my tank less hot water heater evaluated within a day because it was an emergency. Not only did this company beat the price of the prior plumber, the two guys who worked on the unit, Jeff and Ty were very kind and stayed through their lunch break to get our hot and cold water back on for the residents staying in my facility. I would highly recommend.