How to Get Foreign Objects Out of the Toilet

Got kids or pets? Then you’ve probably had a few incidents where things have ended up in the toilet that don’t quite belong there. Or maybe you’ve had a clumsy day or two and you’ve dropped something in there yourself. Regardless, if you’re lucky whatever plastic toy, key, or cellular device that fell in the toilet came right out with no hassle at all. But on other days, on the days where you have the least amount of free time to spend digging in your toilet, the object may have become lodged in your toilet and you’re beginning to give up hope. We are here to tell you not to give up hope! Help is on the way! Here are a few ways that should help you retrieve that item from the bottom of the toilet bowl:

Use Toilet Plunger

  • The first solution that you’re going to want to try should be obvious – a toilet plunger. To do this, first turn off the toilet water valve behind your toilet so that you do not have to clean up a bigger mess than necessary. After you have turned off the toilet valve, position your plunger over the toilet bowl and press it down firmly. Pull and push the plunger without losing suction. This may be enough to do the trick. If it doesn’t…move on to the next solution.

Use Plumber’s Snake

  • The next thing you want to try is using a plumber’s snake, or a closet auger, to remove the foreign object. To do this, first put on some gloves. After you’re all covered up, slide the plastic piece of the auger down the spring and position the auger into the toilet bowl. Once this is done, turn the auger handle clockwise as you slowly begin to press down. Once you feel the foreign object, turn the handle the other way as you pull up. Be careful not to push the object further down into the toilet. Hopefully, this gets the job done…but if it doesn’t we aren’t out of ideas yet. 

Remove the Toilet

(This method is a little bit more complicated than the previous two. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, then it is suggested that you call a plumbing professional right away.)

  • The first thing that you need to do is turn off your toilet water valve (see toilet plunger instructions) and prepare for war.  After you have turned off the water valve, flush the toilet to drain the tank. After the toilet has been drained, have someone assist you in removing the bolts from the base of the toilet and lifting the toilet (from the bowl) off of the ground. Once you have removed your toilet, use your snake to get the foreign object out of the bowl.  Afterwards, be sure to remove the old wax ring and replace it with a new one. Put the toilet back where it belongs, making sure that the bolts are tightly screwed on, and stop taking strange objects into the restroom!

If all else fails…

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