Hot Water Heater Leaking

If you see an obvious sign of a water leak near a heater dry up the water and keep an eye on it. If there is no more water a few hours later or the next day it is most likely not a leak, but make sure to keep an eye out for it.


If there is more water, it is important to take necessary steps in order to fix the leak from the water heater.


Hot Water Heater Leaking: What to Do


Just like any leak or issue it is important to first turn off the heater, so the leak does not get worse. If the water heater is near an electric circuit it is important to be careful, as water and electronics are a dangerous combination.


Once you safely turn off the heater, the next step is to inspect and find out where the location of the water heater leak is.


After the location is found, or attempted to be found, hire a professional to come in and fix it or completely replace it if needed.


Hot Water Heater Leaking: Future


After the repair or replacement, make sure to keep an eye on the water heater in case something goes wrong.


If there is still an issue make sure to call a professional and turn off the water heater and cold water.