Hanging Around with Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

It seems to me that in the future everything will be mounted on walls. Think about it. At first, only decorative items like Starry Night reprints and moose heads were on walls. However, as interior design grew and space concerns grew alongside it, other items like big screen televisions began to join the wall mounting party. And with the population only growing in size, space will continue to be a factor in home design and decorating. Thus, it is only logical that the wall mount kitchen faucet has gained traction amongst the populace.

Remember the olden days when kitchen faucets were connected to the kitchen sink? Those days will soon be behind us with the wall mount kitchen faucet. With the wall mount kitchen faucet, more space is made on the sink. This means you can now put a whole assortment of scented dish soap on the kitchen sink. That’s right. There will be no more Sophie’s Choice scenarios between vanilla lavender and citrus orange. You can have your cake and eat it too! And then afterward you can decide between what dish soap to use to clean up the mess without having to fumble around looking through drawers.

The wall mount kitchen faucet is heralding in a new era mounted home décor. I look forward to the time when seating will begin to hang off the floor as well. I look forward to when I will no longer struggle with vacuuming under the sofa. With a sofa a foot or two in the air, spring cleaning will be something I’ll look forward to. The same goes with my bed. If it’s hanging from the wall, my storage space under it has the potential to double. In short, I take the wall mount kitchen faucet as a good omen of things to come. The future is here, and I am ready.