Great Ways to Stay Cool This Summer & Still Save Water

School is out and so is the sunscreen because it’s finally summer time. But, when the welcoming sun comes out of its winter hibernation so does its sweltering sidekick: Mega Heat! 

People are ready to call it quits on this dynamic duo two weeks into the season because of their criminal temperatures, and with the looming water crisis, there seems to be no escape from the mayhem. However, with some clever tricks and tools, we can come together to beat the  heat without bursting the water cap.

Defense 1: Free AC at the Regency!


Sorry, this isn’t a plan to get your ideal home cooling system for no costs, but there are many places to go visit that are cool and cozy without breaking the bank. 

Most restaurants and eateries set their thermostats down around 70 or below because the chilly burst is not only welcoming to the skin, but also for the tummy. People tend to eat more when the atmosphere is cooler, so diners and cafes keep the air on in order to attract customers. Malls and movie theaters use the same method too. They believe having a welcoming environment, and chilled air, will appeal to shoppers and moviegoers, so let them entice us and keep the unrestricted AC rolling!

Many theaters offer a wide range of discounts and promotions on ticket prices; have free rewards programs, and even host throwback movie nights for a great evening out while still staying cool indoors.

cool off for the summer

(Source: Illumination Entertainment)

Secret Weapon: To keep things low-priced, order just a drink and an appetizer during happy hour at a restaurant (sometimes the complimentary bread basket is all you need). Go to a matinee movie to escape the killer heat and ticket prices (early shows can be as low as half price). Window shop at a mall to keep the bank full but your emotions cool.

Defense 2: Ice Cream (We all scream for it)!

cool off for the summer

(Source: Nickelodeon)

Sometimes the best way to fight fire is with ice, and a little sugar and cream to keep it sweet. By eating cold foods, like ice cream, salads, and smoothies, your body’s temperature goes down because the frozen goodness in your belly reduces your core temperature.

Ever feel warm or flushed after eating spicy food? It’s the same concept. So grab a cone of your favorite scoop before the sun melts it away.

Secret Weapon: Even though they are chilled, stay away from alcoholic beverages to stay cool. Most people feel warm after consuming them due to the alcohol content increasing blood flow (and thus body temperature). Try a frozen slushy or virgin colada instead for the fun and flavor without the flame.

Defense 3: The Natural Bods

cool off for the summer

 (Source: FOX)

Nothing is better than all-natural, especially when it comes to bodies of water. Even though the water crisis may be cutting personal H2O supplies, the beach has a surplus! You can get your water fix without having to deal with consumption cuts or crazy costs; most shores have seaside parking for a small fee, or no charge at all if you are capable of walking a short distance to the sand.

Lakes and rivers also offer the same cool amusement from lazy raft-floats to high-speed jet skiing and wake boarding that will appeal to adventurers of all ages. So pack the sunscreen and shovel and wear your new floppy hat because the water is calling!

Secret Weapon: Your feet and head release the most amount of heat of any place on your body, so ditch the shoes and tie up your hair to release the extra steam while on the sand. Bring a spare towel or absorbent cloth (ShamWow perhaps?) to drench in the cold water and place over hot spots of your body to keep the sun off and the heat simmered down.

Nothing is worse than a burn from the sun, but when Killer Heat and AntiWater join forces, justice from the summertime swelter seems nearly impossible. However, knowledge is power, and hopefully you can overcome the temperature torture with what was learned from these useful tips about having fun in the sun and leaving the water balloons at home.

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