Garbage Disposal Odor

There you are, ready to start your day by cooking a lovely breakfast for you and your family and you walk into the kitchen to be greeted by a foul smell. You check the trash to see if it needs to be taken out, and it is empty with exception of a few non-food items – so it’s not that. Then you walk over to the sink and it hits you all at once: garbage disposal odor. There is nothing worse than that nasty garbage disposal odor. Here are some simple ways that you can get rid of your garbage disposal odor with some products that you probably already have right there in your house.

Garbage Disposal Odor and DIY Remedies

  1. Remove foods that may be stuck in your garbage disposal
    • First, make sure that your garbage disposal is off and then reach down into it using tongs or pliers to grab the food and throw it into your trashcan.
  2. Clean out your garbage disposal with Ice and Salt
    • To do this, pour two cups of ice and a cup of rock salt down your garbage disposal and rinse it down with cold water for about ten seconds.
  3. Remove your garbage disposal odor using lemon or orange peels
    • Put a few handfuls of any type of citrus peels in the disposal, along with cold running water.
  4. Pour bleach down your garbage disposal
    • Pour a mild household beach down your garbage disposal, along with cold running water.
  5. Using baking soda and vinegar
    • Pour 1 cup of dry baking soda with distilled white vinegar down your smelly garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Odor Prevention

To prevent the garbage disposal odor from reoccurring refrain from putting the following items in your garbage disposal:

  • Non-food items (glass/metals/cigarette butts/plastic)
  • Excessive amounts of potato peels
  • Rice
  • Eggs shells
  • Fat/grease
  • Coffee-grinds

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