A Garbage Compactor and Its Benefits

A garbage compactor is a household appliance purposed to decrease the frequency of household trash removal. It is most frequently located in a lower kitchen cabinet and replaces the standard trashcan.

How does a garbage compactor work?

A garbage compactor is essentially a motorized trashcan. Located underneath your kitchen counter, the compactor has either a dial or switch on it that can be turned on and off. When it is turned on the motorized presser inside, pushes down into the specially customized trash bags in the trash receptacle, compressing all of the garbage inside of it, and then raises itself back up. There are many benefits to having a garbage compactor in your household kitchen.

What are the benefits of having a garbage compactor?

  • It eliminates the necessity of having a dirty trashcan in your kitchen.
  • It cuts down the cost of trash bags by a significant amount.
  • Eliminates dirty trashcan overflow in your kitchen.
  • It also cuts down on garbage thrown into your outdoor garbage cans, thus reducing the likelihood of overflow.
  • It cuts down the amount of times someone has to take out the trash in a day.
  • Glass bottles and other products cannot be placed in the garbage compactor, which encourages household recycling.

Jeff Shaffer Plumbing, your Dana Point Plumber, can talk to you about more of the advantages and disadvantages of having a garbage compactor in your home. If you decide that this household appliance is something for you, they can help you to select the right choice and have it installed at your convenience. If you have any questions about what other Jeff Shaffer Plumbing offers, don’t forget to check out our service page.

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