The Consequences of Parting with Sink Drain Parts

We’ve all experienced loss in one way or another. Some have experienced the passing of a parent or grandparent. Others have experienced the dissolution of a friendship over anything from geography to conflicting lifestyles. And then there are those of us who experienced the loss of things, like a beat-up old car whose engine can no longer start. This morning, I am experiencing the loss of sink drain parts.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Sink drain parts? Who forms any type of attachment to them? I’d be lying if I said the majority of people. You go to a local hardware store and get some replacement parts at a reasonable price and move on. But for a minority of us, replacing sink drain parts is not such an easy process. For some of us, sink drain parts do in fact have special meaning.

When I was growing up, one of the major life milestones I envisioned doing was buying a house. I wanted a place to call my own, a place I could call home. And now that it happened, I am always careful to take care of it and make sure everything is in tiptop shape. If something in it needs fixing, I’ll find a way to do so without replacing it. But certain sink drain parts I own have seen their last dish washing and their last hand washing. They are beyond repair and need to get replaced.

Now, I’m not so silly as to say I’m going to bury these sink drain parts and have a funeral. However, I am saying that my house is aging, and so are the things in it. That is, the plumbing doesn’t work too well anymore. And this serves as an eerie reminder that I am getting older as well, and one day my plumbing won’t work too well either. However, there is no replacing the sink drain parts of my body.