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One of the many locations Jeff Shaffer Plumbing caters to is Aliso Viejo, a charming town that is burrowed in the San Joaquin Hills and conveniently located just north of Laguna Niguel and east of Laguna Beach. It is a quaint city with a wonderful community that deserves to be served by the most competent team of plumbers in Aliso Viejo, California.

Among its many gems, this city contains world-class entertainment provided by the Soka Performing Arts Center, which was designed by Yasuhisa Toyota, the same man who designed the acoustics for the Walt Disney Concert Hall. There are also numerous posh shopping and dining options, as well as acres of beautifully preserved regional parks that the whole family can enjoy.

Why We Love Doing Business Here

Such a captivating city calls for equally capable services. Jeff Shaffer Plumbing would love to be your go-to plumber in Aliso Viejo, California to keep you and other residents content with your homes. Here at Jeff Shaffer plumbing, we care about your standard of living and will do our best to ensure satisfaction with all your plumbing needs, whether that calls for something as little as fixing a clogged toilet, or grand as repiping or remodeling a home.

We believe hard work and integrity is crucial to apply to all of our projects—plumbing or otherwise—in Aliso Viejo, California. Our goal is to take on whatever needs your home may have with immediacy and efficiency. Our vast knowledge of a well functioning home covers and surpasses that of everything related to plumbing, thanks to Jeff Shaffer’s background in a variety of disciplines, which you can learn about in this informational video.

Our Services

Jeff Shaffer Plumbing has been an established company in and around Orange County, Southern California for more than 20 years, which is longer than Aliso Viejo has been an officially incorporated city! Our local family-owned business offers family-like intimacy as well as a promise that you will receive the service you deserve. Just ask our previous customers!

Our Services Include the Following:

  • Home remodeling

    Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are our specialties. We take care of everything from cabinets to countertops to fixtures and appliances to flooring! We make sure everything will be done at the lowest cost while saving energy and keeping your aesthetic ideas and opinions in mind.

  • Leak detection and prevention

    Whether it is an overload of pressure, corrosion in your pipes, or friction from unseen objects, we can diagnose and fix any leak before it can damage your home any further. Jeff Shaffer plumbing works with both water and gas leaks, both of which can be damaging to your house and even fatal. We use specific systems that help prevent future leaks and keep your home as safe as possible.

  • Water heaters

    Installation, upkeep, replacement, and leak detection are all part of our comprehensive water heater services. Not only do we know how to tell if it is leaking or how to turn it off, but we can teach you as well!

  • Toilet installation and repair

    When you think of plumbing, this service usually comes to mind. As one of our areas of expertise, we can repair your toilet in a number of ways. Jeff Shaffer plumbing can unclog toilets, fix running toilets, and help with water pressure that may be too low or too high.

  • Gas line installation

    If you want to install a new appliance that uses natural gas as a fuel source, it is wise to consult with a professional, as this is a tricky process that requires lots of previous experience. Natural gas is efficient and useful for many appliances, meaning it needs to be installed with utmost care.

Included with all of our services, we give up-front, flexible, fair, and competitive estimates, and our round the clock help almost always available when you need us. Along with that, we excel at customer service—your problem is our concern, and we can surely fix it! You can even ask about our special senior citizen discounts for more pleasant plumbing perks.

Thank you for stopping by our page, and make Jeff Shaffer Plumber your go-to plumber in Aliso Viejo, California today. We’re just a call or an email away!

Client Testimonials

Way to go!


Oh My Gosh!! I didn’t think that this kind of service still existed! I called Jeff at 11am and explained my problem.  I sent him photos, he gave me a price and scheduled to come out at 2pm.  He was on time and fixed my seized faucet cartridge in 15 minutes.  I had a plumber out earlier in the day that gave me a quote for $550!!
Jeff completed the job and it was $275.
Way to go!! I will call you again!

I'll give them a call again

5/5 Stars


Called and scheduled my appointment easily and Ty showed up on time, explained the process, time frame and cost involved. He worked diligently and completed the task as agreed. Cleaned up w/ out asking and was knowledgeable and professional. I’ll give them a call again.

Pleasant and Professional


After spending weeks waiting for “some other plumber” we decided to call Shaffer plumber.  They kindly fit us in.  Tyree aka “Ty” arrived on time to fix a little unique issue.  Ty fixed the issue quickly and was pleasant and professional.  We now know not to call some other guy, but call “the guy.”  Thanks for everything.

Wonderful Experience


Wonderful experience with their service. Jeff and Ty were extremely knowledgeable and super nice. I definitely will recommend to my friends and family

Give Jeff a call


We called Jeff with for a leak in our Ceiling.  He came on time to our appointment and diagnosed the problem immediately.
Jeff was very professional and also snaked out our drains.
We are very pleased with Jeff Shaffer and his company.  If you need a reliable plumber give Jeff a call.