Air Leak Detection

Air leak detection within the home can be extremely challenging. Whether you want to find a Dana Point Plumber to come out and check it out, you can first try and look for it if needed.

Definitive Air Leak Detection

Here are a few places to look and inspect if you suspect an air leak.

  • Door and window frames
  • Electrical outlets
  • Attic hatches
  • Vents and fans

These are just a few places around the home to inspect. If you can still not find an air leak in these parts of the home, it might be a good time to call a Dana Point Plumber. If you are still having a difficult time locating the air leak and are still hesitating to call a Dana Point Plumber, you can try a few of these options to see if it will help the situation.

Air Leak Detection Process

  • Shut all windows, doors and any other openings that can let outside air into the house
  • Turn off all appliances such as gas and heaters
  • You can shine a flashlight or a candle into the possible air leak sections that have been stated above; this can also help detect leaks
  • During the day, you can wet your hand and run them around the possible leak areas. This can help as you will be able to feel the drafts on your hand, since it is damp.

It is important that once you have detected it to make sure to get into contact with a Dana Point Plumber. They can make sure to help correct the air leak in order to have the issue resolved. By having a Dana Point Plumber come and help inspect the air leak that you have found it will make a future issue easier to resolve for yourself.