9 Fun Ways to Enjoy Fall in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo, CA, is a city located in Orange County, California. Mission Viejo is known as a more suburban city focusing heavily on a familial culture and lifestyle. The city has a gorgeous landscape and also features Lake Mission Viejo, a lake used mainly for recreational purposes. This family-friendly city is ideal for living a calm and relaxing life, but that doesn’t mean this city isn’t without its own fun things to do. The record-breaking heat has finally started to settle down and we can all rejoice in the fact that fall is now setting in. After all the Saturday night concerts and summer days swimming in the lake, you can now experience the fall beauty of Mission Viejo. If you and your family decide to head out to Mission Viejo, then take a look at our list of fun things to do in Mission Viejo. Here are 10 fun ways to enjoy fall in Mission Viejo!

1. Mission Viejo Lake

enjoy fall in mission viejo

Even though summer is ending, Mission Viejo Lake is still a great tourist attraction. This man-made lake was specifically created for recreational purposes so don’t be afraid to take a quick dip!

2. Hiking Trails

enjoy fall in mission viejo

With the summer heat finally starting to go down, going for a nice hike is now an acceptable thing to do. Mission Viejo is home to many different hiking trails, all giving you a closer look at the city’s nature.

3. Howie’s Game Shack

enjoy fall in mission viejo

Howie’s Game Shack is a popular attraction for kids. This huge gaming complex is filled with over 400 PC’s and Xbox consoles. Not only that, but the gaming warehouse also features a virtual reality section that’s sure to be a big hit with the kids.

4. Recreational Classes

enjoy fall in mission viejo

While the kids are playing at Howie’s Game Shack, adults have the opportunity to take a variety of classes hosted by the city. Classes include learning how to paint and draw, cook, and also martial arts. To register for classes, follow this link.

5. Hometown Halloween

enjoy fall in mission viejo

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate with the family than to head over to Hometown Halloween. Hometown Halloween is an event Mission Viejo is hosting on October 2016 featuring carnival games, music performances, and even a haunted maze later in the night.

6. Hauntings

enjoy fall in mission viejo

The city will also be hosting a concert and art showing on October 15th at Fairhaven Memorial Services. The event, Hauntings, will feature the Newgate Chamber Orchestra and will show classic horror movies.

7. Pumpkin Picking

enjoy fall in mission viejo

If you and your family love picking out your own pumpkins, then you should check out the Pumpkin Diving event at Sierra Recreation and Fitness Center on October 23rd!

8. Star Gazing

enjoy fall in mission viejo

If you love star gazing, then join the Orange County Astronomers for Astronomy Night on October 21st. Entrance is free and you’ll get the chance to see the beautiful night sky. Be sure to register for the event!

9. Shopping

enjoy fall in mission viejo

With the cooler weather comes the need for some warmer clothes. Luckily, The Shops and Mission Viejo has everything you’ll need to get yourself ready for the fall! You might even find a great Halloween Costume while you’re there!


Mission Viejo’s beautiful scenery is highlighted by the vast number of things you can do there. From pumpkin picking to star gazing, this city sure knows to keep people entertained all season long. For more information about events in Mission Viejo, and a whole list of events the city will be hosting this fall, follow the link and take a look at their 2016 fall brochure.