5 Plumbing Tips for Pet Lovers During Bath Time

You know all those cleaning commercials with dirty dogs that make you cringe as they shake mud all over your clean floors? Those tell you a lot about how you can clean up after them but not much in how to clean them up.

Here are 5 tips to keep your pipes clear of any fur or dirt that might clog during bath time:

Pets can be washed outside, but not often

Most dogs not getting into mud only need a bath once a month. Unless they have naturally oily coats then baths are more frequent or if their coats are naturally water resistant then it is less frequent. Muddy dogs can be bathed outside via the hose, however it is recommended to not do so often as the cold water can be bad for their health.

Insert drain strainer

If you don’t have a doggy bath station then a bath tub, shower stall or sink can work. It is best to insert drain stoppers or strainers while washing your pooch as loose fur will quickly clog your pipes. You can also brush your pooch before bath time to get loose fur off first.

Protect exposed pipes

When bathing your pooch you should lay down a towel or mat to give them something to grip. While you are putting down padding look for any exposed pipes that your pooch could use as a chew toy and cause future problems.

Install balance valves

Make sure to rinse all shampoo suds from their coats as it can cause skin irritation if left on to dry. Also, you install balance valves for the shower if you don’t already have them to keep sudden temperature changes from happening from a flushed toilet.

Check the pressure

High pressure can be bad for your pooch, possibly irritating or damaging skin and fur, while low pressure won’t penetrate think coats to wash away built up oils. Make sure the pressure is safe for pet use.