10 Holiday Foods That Shouldn’t Go Down The Drain

With Christmas around the corner, we have our last leg of a major holiday coming up where we have guests over at our house.

With guests come food.

With holidays such as Christmas comes a lot of food. However, while you’re prepping your food, you may not be aware of what you’re disposing down the drain and what harm it may do. This list will provide you with food you should absolutely NOT put down your drain if you want to avoid a catastrophic plumbing disaster and possibly a large bill.

Your garbage disposal and pipes will thank you.

1. Turkey Bones (or any bones, really)

Bones, large or small, could spell trouble. It may not seem like it at first, but small bones can cause damage to your garbage disposal. Large bones can get stuck which is also problematic for your garbage disposal.

2. Potato Peelings

Potato skins are long and fibrous. This means that if they are put down your garbage disposal, they can wrap around the blades and cause nothing but trouble. Avoid at all costs, no matter what your mother may say. The same goes for carrots.

holiday foods

3. Gravy and Grease

Although you may not think of gravy as grease, one of the main ingredients is fatty grease. Grease when poured down drains will cool and harden, causing clogged pipes. It’s similar to clogged arteries. Yikes!

4. Celery

Celery, similarly to potatoes and carrots, are long and fibrous. If you’ve taken a bite of celery, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty stringy between your teeth. It’ll be stringy in your disposal, too, so avoid putting any celery down your drain.

5. Fat

Fat is similar to grease. Eventually, fat will also cool and harden which means there is potential for a clog as fat sticks and hardens to the inside of your pipes.

6. Coffee Grounds

Accumulation of coffee grounds will eventually lead to a clog in your piping. So while it may eliminate that stinky smell from your drain it won’t do you any favors in clog avoidance.

holiday foods

7. Carrot Peels

Carrot peels are similar to that of potato peels and celery peels; they’re fibrous and stringy. Putting peels of this vegetable down your sink drain means that it can wrap around your garbage disposal’s blades and cause trouble.

8. Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice just don’t get small enough in the garbage disposal. Then add running water down the drain, pasta and rice will grow in size… So adding these two foods down the drain will ultimately just cause problems.

9. Egg Shells

This is an oldie and something my mother has done. No matter what she may say, don’t do it. There are a couple reasons that people say you shouldn’t do so (us included):

Eggshell membranes can stick to the sides of the garbage disposal and wrap around it causing damage to your garage disposal.

Egg shells can’t be eaten by bacteria in a septic tank.


10. Anything in Large Quantities

Though ‘garbage’ is in its name, the garbage disposal is not a sink trash. It’s for the little bits of food left on your plates or bowls that make their way down the drain. It is not meant for large portions of food to go down there. Doing so will just ensure a huge clog.

Should you get into this stinker of a mess, you’ve come to the right place. We here at Jeff Shaffer Plumbing are here for you if you happen to run into any sort of clogs. We understand accidents may happen and that’s what we’re here for. If you are having any piping troubles, feel free to contact us at (949) 361-2688 or send us an email at shafferplumbing@gmail.com. We look forward to giving you the best quality piping care to make sure your pipes are in tip-top shape for the holidays and after.