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Toilet Installation and Repair

Repair Your Toilet in 1, 2, 3

Life is not always easy when you are in need of a toilet installation and repair. Installing a toilet can be very tricky. If you are not extremely handy and up to date on your everyday plumbing terminology, it’s best you find a professional. But when it comes to toilet repair, there are a few important basics that you should know before calling Jeff Shaffer Plumbing.


Clear a Clogged Toilet

Everyone has dealt with a clogged toilet and knows that having a bathroom out of commission is no fun. But not to worry! A clogged toilet is as easily fixed as it was broken. The first thing to try is a plunger. If you don’t have one in your house, ask a neighbor or a friend before going out to buy your own. When plunging a flush toilet, make sure that there is enough water in the toilet to cover the entire suction cup and then move the handle up and down. If there is not enough water in the bowl, then DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET, this will cause an overflow of water and an even bigger mess. Instead, bring a bucket of water from somewhere else to fill the toilet to cover the plunger.

When dealing with toilet installation and repair, nine out of ten times, the plunger gets the job done. But if it doesn’t, you can use an unfolded wire coat hanger or toilet auger (similar to a plumber’s snake) to try and remove whatever specific things is clogging the toilet. To use an auger, simply insert the auger into the toilet trap and turn the crank until it feels tight. Pull the auger out of the toilet and check and see if you pulled out the obstruction. If not, try this method several times.

If your toilet is still clogged after trying both of these methods, call a plumber for assistance.

may need to have some parts replaced, don’t hesitate to call a plumber for toilet installation and repair assistance.

Too Little Water To Flush The Toilet?

If you’re finding that your toilet isn’t becoming completely clean due to low water levels in the ceramic bowl, then your water level in your tank is probably low. If the water level isn’t within 1 ½ inches of the top of the overflow tube, bend the float are a little bit in order to let more water into the tank.

If the tank’s water level doesn’t seem to be the problem, the issue may be due to the tank ball on the flush valve seat. The ball may be dropping too low because the guide is set too low. Raise the guide but be sure that the guide stays in line with the lift wire.

Fix a Running Toilet

Everyone is familiar with how annoying a running toilet can be. To fix a running toilet fill valve, first turn off the water supply and flush the tank. Afterwards, look inside of your tank and find the float (the piece that moves up and down with the water level.) Once you find the float, lower it

by either squeezing the metal clip attached to the float cup or tightening the screen at the end of the arm opposite your ball float. Do a test flush to see if that fixed the problem. If it didn’t you

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