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Home Sweet Home. It’s a phrase often uttered by weary travelers returning back to their families or sighed by businessmen who are happy to be off work. However, we believe humans have taken a self-interest in this expression. After all, isn’t “home sweet home” more about the house’s well-being than our own? True, the condition of the house often reflects the mood of those who live inside, so a happy and healthy home tends to house happy and healthy people. However, we also feel the pain when our buildings are sick and in need of internal attention, and that is when we call the doctors. Here, At Jeff Shaffer Plumbing, we are fully trained and committed to improving the well-being of your home and fix any “illness” you may find. Whether it’s a simple clogged drain or an entire new piping system, we are excited to diagnose, prescribe, and fix the problem.

Our Legacy and Commitment

We started out as a small family-ran plumbing business over 20 years ago in Dana Point, and since then, have expanded to servicing nearly every area in the Orange County region. With the valuable help of our clients and support from friends and family, we have earned our spots in the hearts and homes of the people in our community because of our commitment to affordable prices with an incomparable service reputation. Even though we are expanding our outreach, we are still careful to maintain a friendly, family-owned vibe by always remain loyal to our valued customers.

Our Location

One of the newest areas of our service reaches out to Rancho Santa Margarita, one of California’s most young and fresh cities. Although its community is rather new, the city has had its important significance in California’s history. Legend says that Spanish explorers took the land from Native Americans in the mid-1700s. Along the way, one of the soldiers lost his Trabuco, a military officer’s musket, and life force out in the wilderness. Despite searching high and low through the hillside, the soldier never found his weapon again, but to mark his loss, the area was named Trabuco Canyon in honor of his gun. Since then the land has been owned and traded by several different patrons, but it was eventually split into three subdivisions known today as Trabuco Canyon, Mission Viejo, and Rancho Santa Margarita, which was named for a saint associated with the Mission of San Juan Capistrano founded in 1776.

Today, the community is constructed under the title “Master Plan” because every complex, organization, church, school, and business office has its specific role within the neighborhood. No one ever feels left out because the cooperation of everyone together is vital to the success of the city, which holds firm to traditional values and equal opportunities for all. The people are strong within each other and regard their services and trade as a valuable asset filled with honest integrity. As you can see, it’s a dream community for any business owner, which is why we are excited to expand our services at Jeff Shaffer Plumbing into this area.

When we are not snaking drains or fixing slab leaks, we like to enjoy the festivities and events that this city has to offer. Some of our favorites include whale watching safaris and ocean harbor tours, hikes around the Holy Jim Falls Trial, or relaxing in the many outdoor malls and parks. The weather is always perfect for any outdoor or indoor adventure since the temperature stays constantly around 70 degrees year-round and fluctuating by only about 10 degrees in either direction. Whether we want to spend the afternoon on the beach, at a golf course, or in the movies, there is always adventure waiting, and with a great community outreach through church organizations, school committees, and sponsors, no one ever feels unwelcomed.

Our Services

As you can see, Rancho Santa Margarita is a self-driven and constructive place to be. Therefore, if you are in the beautiful cities of Orange County, California and are in need of a house check up to get you back up and moving once again, let us know and we will be happy to provide you with excellent service. We are capable of providing but not limited to:

Snaking Drains

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling 

Sink, toilet, and Tub Installations

Water Heater Update, Repair, and Installation

Plumbing Maintenances

Gas Line Installation

Pipeline Cleaning


Leak Detection and Drain Stoppage

Connect With Us

Home Sweet Home is never far away, especially when you have a good plumbing service that can give your home a checkup when it’s feeling a little sluggish. Get back to loving your happy home and contact us if you need any assistance with house repairs. For immediate action or questions, feel free to call Jeff Shaffer Plumbing at (949) 361-2688 or email us at shafferplumbing@gmail.com to make an appointment. We provide 24-hour emergency service because we want you to be satisfied with your home every moment of each day!


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