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Leak Detection Orange County

Leaks can be caused from an overload of pressure, corrosion in the pipes, or friction from other objects. Whether it is a small leak or a large leak, it needs to be taken care of before it does damage to your home.


Leaks are not always as easy to find as it may seem.  We have found leaks in the most inconvenient places such as a slab leak or leak behind the stucco.


Two common leaks that are found in neighborhoods are water leaks and gas leaks. It is essential to always make sure water is turned off as well as gas. If there is a gas leak, that could be fatal. Water leaks can destroy a home if it is not handled quickly.

 Leak Detection System

Some leaks are easy to fix. If there is a leak at a faucet or a shower valve, sometimes a joint needs to be tightened. This can be done by a homeowner, however, leaks consisting of copper or gas lines require an expert. Only experts carry appropriate tools to get the job done. Most professionals have a leak detection system which makes it much easier to detect where the leak is coming from.


This system is set up to be an alarm to detect where the leak is and to help with the discussion of what needs to be done on the home to find a resolution.
Another important part of leak detection is to know the measurements and pressure. If this is not checked up on this can cause a leak in the pipes if they are not managed correctly.
While it may not seem like a big deal to keep an eye on your water and gas lines, it will when your home experiences a flood. There are systems we use to help prevent this and we are experienced in making repairs under the unfortunate situation of this occurring. If there are questions, never hesitate to call your local Dana Point Plumber.

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