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Lake Forest Plumber

Located in Dana Point, CA, Jeff Shaffer Plumbing is the number one plumbing company servicing both the Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Our company specializes in all types of plumbing services, from clearing clogs and re-piping to installing fixtures and doing full scale renovations. As stated, we work all over Orange and Los Angeles county, and one of our favorite areas to work is in beautiful Lake Forrest, California. A gorgeous city known for its two lakes and surrounding forest, Lake Forest is one of the most popular destinations in south Orange County.


Lake Forest was named for its two lakes and much of the city’s culture has developed around them. The first Lake is known as the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club and the second lake is known as the Sun and Sail Club. Both spaces are popular vacation spots for both citizens of Lake Forest and visitors to the city. These lakes are manmade and are located near the “forest” for which the area is also named. The forest is also manmade and is comprised mainly of beautiful Eucalyptus trees.

lake forest plumber

Lake Forest Plumber

Today, Lake Forest’s city motto is, “remember the past, challenge the future.” The area, which was originally known as Rancho Canada De Los Alisos (the Valley of the Sycamores) was first settled by Don Jose Serrano in 1846. The name was later changed to El Toro, named for the bulls that lived on Don Jose’s ranch. This name stuck up until 1991, when the city was officially incorporated. The famed Eucalyptus tree forest was first planted in the early 1900s by Dwight Whiting, a resident of El Toro, in an attempt to help the California lumber shortage. Following the Second World War, the city really began to take off as industrial, commercial, and residential development began taking place on the acres of farmland. Over time, the Lake Forest community known and loved today began to take shape. For more information on the city’s history, read here.

Why We Love Doing Business Here

Lake Forest is a great spot for business due to the large residential areas and the various businesses. With 30 public parks, its two famed clubs, El Toro High School, and thousands of homes there’s plenty of need for competent, efficient plumbers who know how to do everything from unclog a toilet to renovate an entire bathroom. We enjoy the opportunity to service so many great businesses and homes in such a charming city.

Interesting Stuff

Lake Forest has only one high school, El Toro High School. It was first opened in 1973 and has since established itself as a highly esteemed school in Southern California. The school mascot is a bull, aptly chosen given the school’s name and the history of the city. Given the city’s metropolitan size, having just one high school is part of the reason Lake Forest has maintained its small town charm.

How Long Will it Take Us to Service You?

Lake Forest is just a little over 15 minutes away from our main office in Dana Point. Setting up an appointment is easy through our website, and once established, we always get to your business or residence on time. Depending upon the size and needs of the project, our visit could last anywhere from a half an hour to a few weeks. When the appointment is made and needs are specified, we should be able to provide an estimated time and cost for our services.

What to Expect When We Service

Many of our customers are extremely pleased with our services. No matter what we’re doing, we vow to be professional, thorough, polite, and always efficient. Whether we’re performing a renovation, fixing a leak, installing a fixture, or any other plumbing concern, our company can get the job done.

Jeff Shaffer Plumbing enjoys service Orange and LA County. Our work has been enjoyed and raved about by our customers for years, and we can wait to service you too. If you need any type of plumbing service done, don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit our site or call at 949 361 2688.

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