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Gas Line Installation

A gas line installation is a professional plumbing service. If you are installing a new appliance that uses natural gas as a fuel source, then you may need a gas line installation. Installing a new gas line is a job that requires experience, making it the sort of job that is best left to the professionals.

Gas pipes are commonly made of polypropylene, a polymer that is useful in containing gas. Though it is not the best material for the job, it is superior to copper. Because copper is a highly conductive metal, it is unsuited for a pipe carrying gas. Furthermore, copper is prone to gas leaks and is an inflexible material to work with.

Gas lines are installed so that appliances like ovens, stoves, fireplaces, and other such gas-operated appliances will be able to run. There are many types of appliances that use natural gas as a fuel source. For this reason, gas line installations are very important. Sometimes a brand new gas line extension will need to be installed and connected to the preexisting gas line system. However, as efficient as natural gas may be, there are strict precautions that need to be taken for the safety of those within the house or building. If a gas leak should occur, it would pose a danger for those within the residence. A technician will be sure to check the system for any and all gas leaks before the job is completed, as per regulation.

One of the considerations of a gas line extension job is what the cost will be. It is important to shop around for a deal before making a decision. One must consider one’s budget before choosing a plumbing service. A job like this is not an easy one; it is the sort of job that a professional would be the most qualified to perform. The cost takes several things into consideration, including: delivery of material and equipment; preparation of worksite; and cleanup and removal of debris. The total cost does not include such expenses as contractor fees, sales tax, and the fee of obtaining a permit or inspection. All things considered, at the very least, the job will end up costing about three hundred dollars. At its most expensive the job will come out costing something in the neighborhood of one thousand dollars. Ultimately, the cost of the job is dependent upon where the customer chooses to take their business.

The general steps of installing a gas line are as follows:

  1. Purchase materials. The length of the pipe that one needs to buy will be about 12 inches longer than what the job actually calls for, factoring in pipe overlap.
  2. Turn off the gas. The gas meter valve will be turned at a right angle to the pipe when the gas is shut off. Nevertheless, in order to be absolutely sure, check the meter to ensure that the gas is no longer moving.
  3. Extend the gas line by adding new pipes. When installing the new gas line, the new pipes are treated in order to prevent the possibility of a gas leak. Pipe glue or tape is used on the threads of the pipe to ensure that the new system is safe and leak-proof. Add as much new piping to the pre-existing gas line as is necessary in order to make it reach the location of the new appliance.
  4. Connect the gas line to the new appliance. A special, flexible type of pipe is used to connect the appliance with the new gas line. As with all of the other pipes, pipe glue or tape is used to seal the threads of this final pipe end.
  5. Check the lines for potential gas leaks. The best solution is to use a mixture of water and dish soap and pour it onto all of the seams in the new gas line. If no air bubbles arise from any the seams, then the gas system is completely airtight. If air bubbles do appear then the pipe must be removed and new sealant attached to the pipe end. If you want to be extra cautious, use a commercial gas detector.
  6. Test the new appliance to see if the gas is working properly. If the gas is flowing properly after being turned back on, then the job is over.

For the person who needs a new gas-powered appliance installed, installing a gas line is the route to go. It is not a job for amateurs because of the risks that a gas leak poses and is best left to a professional plumber. Overall, this service can be surprisingly affordable and is well worth the cost.


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